Frequently Asked Questions

How can I withdrawal my coins?

Masternode rewarded coin will be sent to user’s address regularly (Saturday). To withdraw Masternode composed coin, user should request ‘Seat Swap’

Is there any collateral lock time?

Yes, 7days.

Is there any deposit fee?

No deposit fee will be charged for deposit of coins.

Is there any setup fee?

10% Setup fee will be charged for Shared Node Hosting. $80 will be charged for Full Node Hosting, apart from setup fee there will be monthly hosting fee for Full Node Hosting.

Is there any withdrawal fee?

Yes, withdrawal fee will be paid by user.

It takes time to receive payment in Full Node?

Usually after connecting successfully to the network it takes up to 24h to receive the first stake. Please contact support only if you have not received your 1st stake AFTER 24 hours.

What if Collateral coins are not collected within time?

All shareholders will get full refund of coins to address which has been submitted.

What if I don’t withdraw after the node dissolve?

Your share coins will automatically go on to next waiting list, and the node will restart whenever the other investor joins.

What if I swap before the payment day?

Total amount of withdrawal coin will be calculated at the time of swap acctually happens.

What if there are no replacement after swap waiting time?

If there are no replacements, the node dissolves, and other shareholders can request withdrawal right away.

What is ‘Seat Swap’?

Swap is a process which is replacing Masternode seats with other users. This process is necessary to avoid complete Masternode dissolving.

What is the share of each seat in Shared Node?

Each seat will be 5% of masternode colletral coins.

What is the time of swap?

Collateral lock time = 7 days
1. If there is a replacement, Seat Swap will proceed right away.
2. If there is no replacement at the time of request, minimal waiting time needed for swap depends on amount of share you hold. (5%:3days, 10%-40%:4days, >40%:7days)

What’s a masternode?

Nodes that require an amount of coins to better secure network and provide services to the the network in exchange for rewards or stakes.

Where are my payment details for Shared Node Hosting?

You can find Payment details of rewards in order History.