Know more about Roadmap Timeline.

Hostmasternode Website Launch

Team with 3 staff members has developed initial platform which provides services under semi-manual setup of full masternode and shared nodes.
  • Launch of Hostmasternode website.
  • Full Node Hosting Services
  • Shared Node Services

Community Growth

Upon Hostmasternode community raise team had started development with One-Click MN Deploy platform & Hostmasternode (HMN) Blockchain .

HMN Blockchain

HMN blockchain has been built on Dash fork with few new improvements to the MN and PoW systems..

The Coin Launch

On Sepetember 1, 2018 an official launch of Hostmasternode blockchain has been announced & announcement was posted to Bitcointalk.
  • Main website launch
  • Blockchain release
  • Wallet release
  • Presale start
  • Listing
  • Bounty program

Platform & Exchange Launch

Upon successfully launch of HMN blockchain team moved forward with Platform Launch and Exchange Listing.

Development Sprint

After successful launch of Platform team moved forward with Instant Shared Platform development and Mobile Applications with on going improvements with One-Click Platform.
  • 2FA security added to platform
  • Email alerts added to platform
  • Fixed deployment issues
  • Improved portfolio dashboard
  • New registration process started with Malta Regulations

New HMN Website

  • Brand new website has been launched
  • Team expansion


HMN team working to hit few milestones with project which include huge range of coin support.
  • Referral Program Launch
  • Project Roadmap Updated
  • 250+ Coins Available with Platform
  • Android/IOS Mobile App Beta release
  • Proposal/Voting for Collateral Change
  • Instant Shared Platform Beta Release

Platform Expansion

Fiat transactions will solve investors problem with conversions and exchange process. HMN team is improving platform to create attonary between exchange and funds with one click away.
  • Support Multi Currency Deposit
  • Support Fait Deposits/Withdraws
  • One-Click Coin Swap/Sale
  • Listing
  • Platform Income Share Proposal
  • Instant Shared Platform Improvemens

To Be Announced

New Implementations to be announced to step forward in staking & P2P platforms.
  • Advanced One-Click MN Deploy Platform
  • Instant Shared Masternode Platform
  • Support Fiat Transaction with Platform
  • P2P Masternode Trading Platform
  • Support for Staking Coin with Platform
  • HMN Listed with More Exchanges