Guide to Obtain required details to start Glyno MN

Source Code: Github Coin Website: Glyno Host FullMasternode: Click Here

Here is the Video Guide to obtain Receiving Address and Masternode Outputs

Generate receiving address and send coins

1. Get Glyno wallet at LINK

2. Generate Receiving address for Masternode. Go to Tools > Debug Console and type below command.


getaccountaddress mn_alias
Replace "mn_alias" with your own content (or) label

3. You will receive new address in output, lets copy this address.

4. Now Transfer 1000 Glyno coins to MN address which you have generated and w8 for 6 confirmations.

Generate Masternode Outputs

Lets generate Mastenode outputs. Go to Tools > Debug Console and type below command.

masternode outputs

Outputs look like

{ "txhash" : "044a1ca3d03e7d5928f6061ee1f4ee49182d4acdd95461d0b713b3eb0668a7d5", "outputidx" : 0 }

Copy outputs to Text Editor (or) Notepad. Below are example..
  • TxHash: 01edb6fc6da0aec750aff73af2e441c987a299349a71ae3d99170615222c377b
  • Outputs Index: 0

Generate Masternode Privatekey

Lets generate Mastenode outputs. Go to Tools > Debug Console and type below command.

masternode genkey


Kick Start Masternode

  • 1- Masternode.conf

    In Wallet, Go to Tools > Open Masternode Configuration File and paste below details in one line. If you are willing to run more than one Masternode with same wallet please do paste line below first added line and Save File.

  • 2- Coin Control feature

    Go to Settings > Options > Wallet and Check on "Enable Coin Control features" & "Show Masternode Tab"

  • 3- Start Masternode

    a) Restart wallet and w8 till wallet sync is completed and make sure Masternode Collateral transaction holds 15confirmations before we kick start MN.

    b) Now go to Tools > Debug console and type below command.

    masternode start-alias mn_alias
    Replace "mn_alias" with label which you have given for receiving address


  • Could not allocate vin

    Please do unlock wallet (or) check for masternode outputs with Debug console using below command. If you do not find masternode outputs, Do send collateral coin to receiving address and get masternode outputs. Follow Step 3 to get masternode outputs Receiving Address section.

    masternode outputs
  • Could not find alias in config

    Do check for "mn_alias" receiving address label with masternode.conf file. Use correct "mn_alias" to with debug command to start masternode.

  • Error reading masternode configuration file.

    Do check with port no included with masternode.conf file and masternode.conf format text. You can find example for masternode.conf file below.

    mn_alias IP:Port Privkey TxHash OutputIndex

    mn_alias : Receiving address label
    IP:Port : Enter "YOUREXTERNALIP:PORT" (your external white IP and port for masternode), such as 123.456.789:48882
    Privkey : Enter the masternode private key provided by HMN platform
    TxHash : Enter the masternode tx from "masternode outputs" command
    OutputIndex : Enter the tx index from "masternode outputs" command

  • Error Syncing Blocks?

    Do a Wallet Repair by going to Tools > Repair Wallet and Click on Rebuild Index.

    If your wallet sync not yet started? Do add nodes to wallet configuration.

    Go to Tools > Open wallet configuration file and add lines. Click here to get nodes.