Affiliate Program

Building your Affiliate Portfolio was never so Easy & Interactive

How it works

Refer your friends and family by sending them your affiliate link!

Sign UpTo get started, create your affiliate account. Enjoy a free Affiliate membership without complicated conditions.


Spread the wordGet your referral link & Share the link with your friends. Your referral clicks the link and joins us.


Earn moneyWe track their masternode rewards & You earn commissions on their rewards. Get up to 10% based on our hosting fees.

How much can you earn?

Affiliate commissions are based on the hosting fees & if your affiliate refers another user even then you get get to earn!

Tier 2

Second indirect referrals
  • *Affiliate commissions terminate 15 months
    after your referral registers.

Tier 1

Direct referrals
  • *Affiliate commissions terminate 2 years
    after your referral registers.

Tier 3

Third indirect referrals
  • *Affiliate commissions terminate 1 year
    after your referral registers.

How to become a successful Affiliate ?

Obviously, the more people you bring in the more you’re going to make. Below are a few tips from several successful affiliate marketers!


Be honest with the people you refer, you might want to experience for yourself what it is like to be a HostMasterNode customer.

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Personal notes and emails are a great touch for people to read what you're sending them. Use multiple traffic sources to promote and earn.

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Earned Affiliate commissions are transferred directly to your HostMasterNode account. To track your Affiliate commissions, log in to your account.

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